EXPO returns in its third iteration for an investigation of Artificial Intelligence, machine agency, and the ever-complex relationship between humans and technology. This event features a number of talks, performances and installation works exploring the topic and centres on a lecture from composer Jennifer Walshe and a live performance by experimental grime artist M.I.C. As always, entry is free and refreshments are provided throughout.

Jennifer Walshe Lecture and VOLUNTEER CHORUS (2015)
Composer, performer and vocalist Jennifer Walshe boasts an extremely diverse and extensive body of work—from XXX_LIVE_NUDE_GIRLS!!!, an opera for Barbie dolls, to the now-infamous EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT, commissioned by the Internationales Musikinstitut in Darmstadt. We are extremely excited to have her join us in Oxford for a talk on Artificial Intelligence and Invented Histories.

We will also be performing Walshe’s VOLUNTEER CHORUS (2015), in which performers sing information from their Facebook newsfeeds as they update in real time.

M.I.C / The Master of Inane Conversation Live Performance with AI DJ
Fresh from releasing his seminal EP “Heaven is Black”, and off the back of game-changing performances at Boiler Room, Just Jam, M.I.C joins us for a world-first. He will be performing with an AI DJ coded especially for the event, capable of mixing grime tracks on the fly.

Neural network generating technical death metal, via livestream 24/7 to infinity.

Nicholas Moroz & Lewis Smith bot.radio
New installation for electronic sounds generated by SampleRNN.

Max Epstein DJ
Our resident DJ Max Epstein joins us once again to spin the latest and baitest in experimental and electronic tunes of all flavours in the foyer.

Generously supported by St Hilda’s College Research Committee and TORCH’s Public Engagement Fund.